About Trammell Bell

We are an Energy Saving Solutions Company that has worked with some of the biggest corporations in the world, helping reduce energy consumption and improve bottom lines. We are partners with many local and regional utility companies and have helped numerous businesses receive funding for their efforts in reducing their carbon footprint.

Our Total Building Approach
Over 70,000 successful project installations

Gain significant bottom line savings by improving the performance and efficiency of a building or facility’s entire electrical distribution system – not just individual loads or equipment like lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc. Trammell Bell has partnered with a value-added engineering company, Energy Automation Systems (35 year track record, operating in over 60 countries with over 70,000 successful project installation) to create a unique approach by evaluating a building as an integrated, operating whole. The systemic issues impacting a building’s electrical consumption are many, and we pull together all of the available efficiency improvements for a building into a turnkey energy savings project.

Overview of our Approach
Upgrading outdated and inefficient energy systems

We have no “magic answers” for reducing electrical usage and we do not use any “black box” technologies. We simply and elegantly implement a various range of accepted electrical engineering and contracting practices, such as:

  • Upgrading inefficient lighting systems; metal halides, T-12 fluorescents, etc.
  • Balancing of phase loading
  • Correcting motor phase demand imbalances
  • Reducing branch circuit losses
  • Reactive and harmonic current loading
  • Performing spot maintenance on specific points of high resistive losses
  • Correcting inefficient placements of lighting fixtures, transformers, or distribution gear
  • Leak detection and repair of existing compressed air systems
  • Improving current air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Adjusting load or branch circuit voltages higher or lower